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Estate Agents

It is extremely difficult to capture the full extent of the grounds and scale of a property from ground level. Drones give means to capture a better overall extent of a property, especially where it features large grounds. We provide 4K quality photographs and videography to help market a property, giving the agent the best chance of selling in the best time possible. The angles and height that aerial photography can achieve can help sell any property whether that be a city centre apartment block, a town centre terraced house or a rural farm with extensive grounds.

Estate agents may also be interested to learn that we can provide roof condition reports for any managed lettings properties on behalf of the owners.

Leeds City Centre


Block Management

Drone Roof Condition Report

Roof condition reports are crucial for obtaining data so that defects can be identified and also helps property managers compile planned maintenance programmes. Inspecting the roof and high-level areas using a drone gives all stakeholders assurance that all areas of the building are being thoroughly examined. The potential for major issues arising is reduced and allows costs to be better planned by being aware of any required works before becoming urgent.


Reports can be used to support insurance claims to provide evidence that the roof has been inspected regularly, improving claims success. Some insurers are now also requesting this as a requirement for their policies. Using drones reduces risks from working at height and saves cost over traditional means of access.


Commercial Property

Commercial properties are often of a large scale and the high level areas difficult to access or view from ground level without the costs associated with traditional access means. Rise can assist commercial property owners or their managing agents by producing roof condition reports or the imagery of the high level areas to clients for review. H&S risks are reduced signicantly along with the costs when comparing with traditional access methods. 

Drones can also be utilised at commercial properties by capturing photographs that can be used for marketing purposes to help sell or lease vacant units to prospective purchasers. The height that can be achieved can be useful in demonstrating the proximity to surrounding areas and amenities. 

Leeds City Centre



Drone Leeds

Drone inspections help collect data of the high-level areas which furnishes surveyors with crucial information on these assets. Traditional means of access such as scaffolding and MEWPS are significantly more expensive and pole cameras do not have the ability to reach higher, more complex buildings.

Having this capability provides surveyors with much more detailed information on areas which may previously have been left to a level of assumption may reduce potential liabilities and offers their clients much more assurance that all areas of the building have been thoroughly inspected. 



Despite being deeply embedded in the property industry, we are passionate about creative projects. We work alongside design and marketing agencies and on behalf of brands, events and public services to produce engaging and beautiful visual content.

Rise work closely with ground level videographers and photographers and can provide a full package service including in-house post production. All you need to do is provide the brief and the rest can be left safely in our hands.

Rise Creative Drone Photography